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Art Courses

2 Dimensional Studio Art - Introduction to Art
This course is a semester introduction to art processes, Elements of Art, and Principles of Design. 
Students are exposed to a variety of media and will use graphite, colored pencils, watercolor paint, and pens for traditional drawing and painting assignments. We also experiment with alternative processes for stained glass, digital mosaics, and paper sculptures as well as exploring the students' own artistic style in prompted sketchbook assignments. 
2 Dimensional Studio Art 2 -  Advanced 2D Processes and Mediums
This is a full-year class designed to help the students build on basics learned in 6th grade to create and explore their artistic styles. Students will have the opportunity to do acrylic, watercolor, and gouache paintings, pastels, alternative printmaking, collages, book illustrations, and charcoal just to name a few.  Keeping a focus on art history and how the past can influence what is done in the future students will move beyond simple skill acquisition to content connections and original works. 
2021-2022 school year will be the first time this course will be offered. 
3 Dimensional Studio Art 1 - Intro to 3D
Must have taken at least Intro to Art and preferably  2D Studio Art 2.
Clay. A personal favorite medium of Mrs. Sweeney ceramics is the place where playing with mud is acceptable. In 3D art, students will focus on how to create art that is fully formed 'in the round', think sculptures and clay mugs. Paper mache, modeling clay, paper sculptures and more are waiting for those who choose to stay with the art track throughout their middle school experience. Students will look at historical sculptures and wares to learn about shapes, styles, and materials that will influence their own works within the class. 
2021-2022 school year will be the first time this course will be offered. 
Meet the Teacher
Mrs. Gerri Sweeney is a graduate of Florida State University, College of Fine Arts with a Masters of Science in Art Education. She moved back to Marianna after completing her studies and is an Alumni of Marianna High School.
Her favorite art mediums are paint and ceramics and many of her artworks feature one or more of her farm animals. 
If you have any questions about our art program please feel free to reach out at [email protected].